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...:: Family Photos ::...

The wedding photos were taken two years ago (photographed by me). The photos of my large house was taken on Christmas day - about fifteen years ago (photgraphed by my ex-wife). I don't live there anymore, but I sure LOVED that house!!.

Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image:

Christmas! About 15 years ago. The sculpture in front of me was a gift from my ex... an angel!

A peek at my dining room - cat on the window sill!

My fireplace was large and very nice - the living room is sunken - up some stairs to the dining room.

My mother is 65 years young in this pic. She's with her grandaughter, Jessica.

My niece Tia and niece Jessie with my beautiful sister.

This is a pic of my sis with Tia and her sister (my brothers kids).

This was taken in the year 1957. My mom, father, aunt and cousin. I'm the tiny guy on my fathers lap.

Hiking trip photos...... Next >>

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