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Close up of David painting *Clover Fairy*

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fairy paintings

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Little Flower Fairy

Joyful Brenna - Acrylic
11" x 14"

Oval painting of a snow fairy

Snow Fairy - Acrylic
20" x 16" Oval

There are hidden fairies in the background trees

Autumn Magic - Acrylic
10" x 8"
(Five hidden fairies)


There are fairies creating colorful lights in the background tree

Winter Lights
10" x 8"
(Six hidden fairies)


This little fairy is in awe of her first wand

First Wand - Acrylic
10" x 8"


There's several hidden critters in this painting

Water Lily Magic - Acrylic
10" x 8"
(hidden frog, fish and nymphula)


There's tiny ants scattered thoughout this painting
Rose Magic - Acrylic
10" x 8"
(hidden ants)


This fairy is bit surprised as she looks up and sees you

Oh!! - Acrylic
12" x 12"


The dark Autumn forest is illuminated by this beautiful fairy

Woodland Fairy - Acrylic
11" x 14"


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