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Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image:

Frontal view of an eagle

Bald Eagle
Hippo Ivory

I love to scrim eagles - especially a side or three quarter view

Bald Eagle portrait
Mammoth Ivory

This group of puffins are fishing

Puffins at Sea
Mammoth Ivory

This piece was scrimmed for the Raven's Nest - Seattle, Washington

Walrus Ivory

I think that Wood Ducks are the most beautiful of ducks

Wood Duck
Walrus Tooth

I enjoy scrimming a flying or soaring eagle

Flying Eagle
Mammoth Ivory

I haven't scrimmed many Pintails - this one is landing in a pond

Duck - Pintail
Walrus Tooth

This is a high quality piece which sold for several thousand dollars

Bald Eagle
Mommoth Ivory

Yes, I've also carved ivory - this piece was carved for Paul Harvey; the famous radio personality

Carved Eagle Head
Carved for the celebrity, Paul Harvey

This is another high quality scrim - I love falcons - I sold this piece to a jeweler in Tacoma, Washington

Peregrine Falcon
Mammoth Ivory
This mermaid was scrimmed for a jeweler in Eugene, Oregon

Walrus Ivory Artifact

This lighthouse was scrimmed for the collector, Fernando.

Whale tooth

Orca scene

Breaching Orcas
Mammoth Ivory

Nature scene - Mountains Wild

Mountains Wild
Mammoth Ivory

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