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~I thank you all for these valuable Awards~
~I really appreciate the accolades~

Mona Lisa Select Site Award

Presented by Steve Feld of
Why is Mona Lisa Smiling?
February 29, 2004

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His announcement:

Dear David,
Thank you for informing me about the David Adams Website .
After an extensive review of your site, we find that it merits The Mona Lisa Select Site Award for its aesthetic design, informative content and navigation.
The wide variety of artwork presented, and step by step painting tutorials will appeal to my Studio Art classes who are currently involved in art lessons.
As a result, your site will be featured as our selected Site of the Month for March 2004.
Congratulations for creating a well designed website and for inviting me to review your site. We applaud your efforts.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards, Steve Feld
Mona Lisa Select Site Award
AS! 3.0
Selected Site of the Month for March 2004
Why is Mona Lisa Smiling?

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Gigis Dream Catcher Site!

Presented by
Gigi's Dream Catcher Site

(Awards Program Closed)

February 28, 2004
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Her announcement:

Gigi's Dream Catcher Awards Program
A.S 3.0 W.A. 7.5 Earl O.A.I 3.0 UWSAG 3+ EUTODA 200 days Awards Site 2 E.A.I. 2.0
This is a voluntary Awards Program.
Congratulations David Adams,
David Adams Online
has won the Gigi's Dream Catcher Silver Award. I found your site to be informative and easy to navigate.
Your site scored a 175 out of 200:
I enjoyed my visit and I offer the above comments in good faith.
Kindest Regards
html Instructor at WebTech U
Gigis Dream Catcher Site

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Canadian Web Awards!

Presented by
February 27, 2004

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Their announcement:
Our professional panel agrees that your site is everything you believe it is! We are pleased to present you with a 2004 Canadian Web Award for providing a CANADIAN FRIENDLY, informative web site.
Based on our review of your site we are presenting you with a VERY GOOD rating!
The CANADIAN WEB AWARDS were founded by a group of professionals who own a progressive and expanding dot.com company They perceived a need to recognize Canadian dot.com entrepreneurs for excellence and achievement in the ever expanding Internet marketplace.
Canadian Web Awards

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Winner of th Fantastic Ste Award  - Click here to visit Dream Island
Presented by Vicky of
Dream Island
February 23, 2004

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Her announcement: Congratulations!
You have won the Fantastic Site Award from Dream Island! You have a marvellous site with nice graphics, great content and you've worked very hard on it!
It's a pleasure to visit a site like yours! It's great!
Greetz, Vicky
Dream Island

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Winner of the Gold Award  - Click here to go to Black Triangle UFO Roma
Winner of the Special Honors Award  - Click here to go to Black Triangle UFO Roma

Presented by Carl of
Black Triangle UFO Roma
February 23 and 24, 2004


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His announcement:

You have won my Gold Award...Congratulations!!!
I can see you put your self a lot of hard work onto your site and very interesting to read with pleasure.
Black Triangle UFO Roma

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