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The importance of Compositon

   ~Composition - an excerpt from my book~

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The information in my book (FairyArt) is not only for those who wish to paint fairies. It's for anyone who wishes to learn to paint using the glazing technique. My approach to painting is the same method that was used by Leonardo daVinci. Glazing is the application of multiple layers of paint to create greater luminosity. I explain the process in my book.

The fundamentals of painting are worded in simple terms in the book so that anyone can understand it, starting with basic drawing. I also cover other aspects to help you create a good painting; value structure, color temperature, saturation, mixing colors, optical color mixing, toned ground, underpainting, atmospheric perspective, overlapping, composition, etc. This book gives you the basic information you'll need to create beautiful works of art.

Here's a peek of part of a page from the book. An excerpt regarding composition:

Composition is the arrangement of the visual elements of a painting into an ordered scheme. A composition contains an infinite number of variables. Color, shape, line, texture and value all work together and interact with one another in a relational organization to create an interesting picture. Good orchestration of the elements affects the principle aspects of harmony, contrast, balance and rhythm. Certain strategies can focus the viewer's attention on important elements in a painting.

The Rule of Thirds
All successful paintings have one area that stands out more than the rest of the picture, and the main subject is placed there. So where is that sweet spot? An easy way to locate it is to use the rule of thirds. It's a tool to visualize the picture plane divided into thirds horizontally and vertically. The four intersecting lines is known as focal points. To create a pleasing composition, place your center of interest at or near a focal point.

Limit the center of interest to that one area. Any more than this will create conflicting elements in your design. You can get away with a secondary center of interest, but make sure that your main focal point is upfront in volume, size and shape. Sometimes artists break the rule of thirds in order to better express a certain emotional or psychological message to the viewer.

The Rule of Thirds
This diagram of the rule of thirds shows where the focal points are located. The horizon line in a landscape is often placed along one of the horizontal lines.

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