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...:: Scrimshaw Demonstration ::...

Go to Pinterest to view my video scrimshaw demonstrations.

~Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria Demo~

Christopher Columbus

Tools required:

  • Scriber (Stylus) with a carbide pin.
  • Optivisor (or some other form of magnification)
  • Ink (Higgens Black Magic)
  • Honing Stone (to keep your scriber sharp)
  • Paper Towels
  • An understanding of the *subject matter*
  • A good imagination

  • Step 1
    Step 1

    Scrimshaw is a very unique artform. The scratching of designs into ivory is quite often tedious and time consuming work.

    I used a combination of linework and stippling to create *Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria*. It was done on mammoth ivory. First, the composition was worked out by thumbnail sketching. With a concept in mind, I began by sketching a scene onto the ivory using a soft lead pencil. I sometimes spray the drawing with fixative so the design stays during handling.

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