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Transfer of Artwork Agreement
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Agreement of Transfer of Artwork

The Artist maintains certain rights in the furture economics and integrity of the artwork.
The parties mutually agree as follows:

Sale: Artist hereby sells the work to the Purchaser at an agreed value.

2. Notice of Exhibition: Before committing the work to a show, Purchaser must give the Artist notice
of intent to do so, telling the Artist all the details of the show that the Purchaser then knows.

3. Artist Exhibition: The Artist may show the Work for up to 60 days once every five years at a non
profit institution at no expense to the Purchaser upon written notice no later than 120 days
before opening and upon satisfactory proof of insurance and prepaid transportation.

4. Non-Destruction: Purchaser will not permit any intentional destruction, damage or modification
of the work.

5. Restoration: If the work is damaged, the Purchaser will consult the Artist before any restoration
and must give the Artist first opportunity to restore it, if practicable.

6. Reproduction: Artist reserves all of the rights to reproduce the Work.

7. Expiration: This contract binds the parties, their heirs and all their successors in interest, and
all of the Purchasers obligations attached to the Work and go with ownership of the Work, all for
the life of the Artist and Artists surviving spouse plus 21 years, except the obligation of paragraphs 2 and 3 which shall last only for the Artists lifetime.

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